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We used our Wedding Cash Registry for contributions towards our new home!

Why We’re Fans of Cash Wedding Registry Websites

I know we may be preaching to the choir here, but we just felt the need to tell you why we are big believers in online cash wedding registries. We’re big believers in convenience in these fast-moving times, but it doesn’t just stop there. Society has shifted and what once required a maneuvering worthy of a top secret mission to let your guests know that you prefer cash, has now loosened up and made it easier to spread the word. Don’t listen to us though, keep on reading and let us know what you think!

Great for Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts

Very few couples today haven’t lived together, lived in their own place or made their own money before they got engaged, so the traditional gifts to help them set up house have fallen by the wayside in favor of untraditional gifts. This means that couples can register for that honeymoon helicopter ride over a volcano, register for a down payment on a new home or register for camping equipment. The sky’s the limit for these registries!

Can Avoid Pricey Fees

Before you decide on a cash wedding registry, pay close attention to the fine print. Not all cash registries are free. One that we found charges 2.5% for every transaction and a $15 one-time fee. Those funds can start to add up if you aren’t careful. It seems like a nominal fee, but they can add up if you aren’t careful. The trick is by selecting a registry which doesn’t pass their fees on to you.

Steer Guests towards Your Wedding Website

Studies have shown that today’s engaged couples prefer cash gifts above anything else. Yet, the tradition of not telling guests that you prefer cash still stands, so what are today’s couples to do? Easy, just steer them towards the wedding website where they have their cash registry up for guests to peruse at their leisure. Depending on which cash registry they use, they may get a free wedding website when they sign up. So, they can kill two birds with one stone if they choose the right registry site.

As you can see, there are too many reasons for us (and you) to not make the leap and register for a free cash wedding registry. You will save money, get a website and even manage to get gifts you REALLY want to use. What is there not to love?  Get started!


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just registeredThe Rise of the Cash Wedding Registry

The wedding industry has undergone an intense transformation in only a decade. We have changed how we source for vendors, let guests know about impending nuptials and how we register for gifts. The evolution of communication has managed to not only change the way we plan weddings but also shifted cultural wedding norms. This has never been more evident than the rise, and acceptance, of cash gift registries.

It started with online resources for brides and grooms and then before long honeymoon registries followed. We can attribute this cultural shift to couples living together before marriage and couples waiting until later to marry and acquiring their own residences prior to walking down the aisle.

Therefore, more and more engaged couples have taken to using digital means to steer guests to their wedding registry. This includes a large number of cash registries. This is possibly the largest transformation in wedding culture. Even as recently as a few years ago it was considered distasteful to let guests know you prefer cash. Now, depending on how you inform guests, no one will bat an eye.

Chances are if you have been invited to a wedding in the past year or two, you have sent a cash gift to the happy bride and groom. The most popular way for couples to highlight their cash needs is by demonstrating what they will use the funds to purchase. The popular explanations are for a honeymoon, a mortgage, a renovation and more. Additionally, guests are becoming more aware of possibly inconveniencing the couple by purchasing a gift and taking it to the wedding.

Be aware though, if you register for a cash gift registry, be sure to make copies of the checks or the equivalent financial proof to prove that the funds are a wedding gift. Do this from the moment you set up your registry. We are fans of opening a joint bank account for wedding funds only. Do not use this account for anything else. That way, you can have a record of your cash wedding gifts.

Cash wedding registries are fast becoming part of the wedding establishment. This is because the way we live has changed dramatically which has ushered in the rise of the cash wedding registry. The Internet age has caused a near total adoption of at least one digital method by engaged couples. Welcome to the future!


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Wedding Make up WeIf you’re like most brides, the minute you were engaged, you began researching makeup looks for your big day. Then you started researching makeup artists (MUA) and probably ran into sticker shock when you discovered how expensive it is to hire one for your wedding day. However, since many brides go for the fresh-faced look, it is easy to recreate a beautiful wedding look all on your own with just six tools.


Primer is the most important tool in every makeup repertoire out there. Primer fills in lines, creates a smooth canvas for the makeup to adhere to (and last longer) and regulates oils in the skin to prevent you from shining like a light in front of the cameras. Although primers can be found at every price point, Smashbox is the overwhelming favorite amongst MUA everywhere.

Foundation or Powder

We have used primer as a stand-alone product before, but its job is really to create a smooth canvas for foundation. All brides need foundation in their lives and cream and liquid foundations work well on most skin types. However, not all women want complete coverage or need it and in that instance, powder foundations work well.


The debate about which came first, the concealer or the foundation, has been discussed for all eternity. Some MUA prefer concealer then foundation, while others prefer foundation then concealer. Whatever you select, you need this little

power-packed tool to hide all of your blemishes on your wedding day.


No doe-eyed look is complete without mascara. The wonderful thing about mascara is its ability to transform your face with one application. The past few years has seen an explosion of mascaras with millions of dollars of scientific research behind them. Now, you get to benefit because the amount of mascaras on the market will give you the lashes you want. Our current favorite is Lancôme’s Grandiose mascara. We promise you that you will not need any falsies when you have this in your bag.


You can’t be a blushing bride without blush. Blush should be in your makeup bag since it has the ability to give depth, color and life to your face with one application. There are multiple formulations to try, but we are still fans of the powder blush because it doesn’t need to be set with powder for a long-lasting effect like some cream blushes do.


Raise your hand if you have or ever had a mother who would not ever go out the house without a swipe of lipstick. Yup, ours won’t either which is why we firmly believe that no bride should go without lipstick on her walk down the aisle. There are multiple types of lipstick which can get you six hours or more of wear without drying out your lips.

Remember these photos have to last a lifetime and you don’t want to put anything other than your best face forward. Investing in these products will ensure that you don’t need to retouch your makeup every few minutes and still look fabulous from the first picture to the last.


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wedding danceLet’s Dance!

Hey, we all know that although the wedding is a glorious event, the reception really takes the cake for most people. So, why not ensure they can have a good time and cut a rug with some of the most popular wedding-themed songs in recent memory.

“All of Me” – John Legend

This song speaks to couples everywhere who are in love. We’ve heard of a few newlyweds who selected this song to be the one that they took their first twirl around the dance floor on. Anyway, it doesn’t get any more romantic than telling your spouse that you’re going to give them all of you. Yes, John Legend made us all believe in love again!

“Let’s Get Married Remix” – Jagged Edge

For couples of a certain younger generation, the original version to this song was the soundtrack for their first love lives. Then the remix came out and the slow ballad soon had everyone in the club dancing to getting married. Even today, the remix is a staple at weddings everywhere which shows that a good song doesn’t have to be brand new to get your guests up and dancing.

“Happy” – Pharrell Williams

Is there any song in recent memory with the ability to get everyone from one to 100 out on the dance floor and singing along to the lyrics? We’ll answer that question for you, none! Pharrell created a song which transcends all ages, races and nationalities and gets them up and ready to groove.

“Marry Me” – Train

Train has managed to create another favorite among couples for their first dance. When Marry Me was released, it tugged at the heartstrings of men and women everywhere. We have a feeling that it is fast becoming one of those timeless songs that multiple generations of a family will dance to as their first dance.

“XO” – Beyoncé

Queen B. manages to create danceable music that gets us all to shake a tail feather. So imagine our surprise when we heard this song played at nearly every wedding we attended since the song was released.  It’s amazing when you think that it doesn’t specifically target the wedding industry. But can you blame brides and grooms for playing a song at their reception with the lyrics, “Your love is bright as ever/Even in the shadows/ Baby kiss me/Before they turn the lights out?”

We know these songs are only scratching the surface of popular reception music. Of course we would love to hear your favorite reception songs. Tell us all about your first dance or your favorite reception music in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you want to learn more about popular wedding music, read Bridal Guide’s article about the top wedding songs.


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1.5 Million Dollar Peacock Dress.  Jennifer Lopez was suppose to wear it to her wedding to Ben Affleck

1.5 Million Dollar Peacock Dress. Jennifer Lopez was suppose to wear it to her wedding to Ben Affleck

Amal Alamuddin wore a stunning $380,000 dress to marry George Clooney

Amal Alamuddin wore a stunning $380,000 dress to marry George Clooney

That Wedding Dress Cost How Much?!

Every now and then we like to delve into the world of the ultra-rich and see just how much they’ve splurged to make their special day, extra special. So, we decided to dig a little bit deeper to discover some of the world’s most expensive wedding dresses in recent history. We don’t want to spoil it a bit, but no Kardashian wedding dress made the cut.

A Diamond Stunner at $12 Million 

Every bride wants to dip herself in diamonds on her wedding day, but the bride who purchases the Renee Strauss and Martin Katz wedding dress won’t need to worry about not having enough jewels. The dress is designed with 150 carats worth of diamond sparklers. At the time, it was created for a bridal show at the Ritz-Carlton (of course) back in 2006 and we have no word on whether it found a home.

The Peacock Wedding Dress for $1.5 Million

Vera Wang has long been known as the mother of all wedding dresses. Legions of

well-heeled brides purchase her wedding dresses for their big days, particularly in China where their booming economy has created a large fan base there. So, Ms. Wang decided to create a special stunner for a 2009 wedding expo there. She deviated a bit from her usual fabrics and took 2009 male peacock feathers (in the animal world male peacocks possess the beautiful plumage) to sew a unique wedding dress. It was a runaway hit and spoke to the bride who wants to ensure all eyes would remain on her during the ceremony.

Fit for Royalty at $400,000

The Duchess of Cambridge is soon to deliver her second child, but it’s hard to forget her wedding to Prince William and that Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress which accompanied her as she became a member of the royal family. The dress had no gimmicks and no fancy jewels sewn into it; it only relied on exceptional cut, high-quality fabrics and inspiration from Princess Grace of Monaco to go down in fashion history as one of the best wedding dresses and most expensive wedding dresses in history.

The average wedding dress in the United States costs a little more than $1,200 dollars. The dresses you’ve read about here are exquisite one-of-a-kind creations that are fit for including into the Met Costume Institute as much as the ultra-exclusive closets of the international jet set. Although we can’t imagine being able to wear something this expensive, we’ll just save our money and live vicariously through these very lucky brides and their couture dresses.


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