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whiskey-806556_1280Great Anniversary Gifts for Him

As you all know, we specialize in giving people amazing experiences through our free cash registry. Although we are most famous for our wedding registries, we have several different types of registries for our clients. One of which is the anniversary registry. However, just because registries have moved online, doesn’t mean that people know exactly what to put on their wishlist. We see this happen specifically with many men’s anniversary presents. People just don’t know what to get the special man in their life. Fortunately, we know a few things and we decided to let you know what’s on our wishlists for the men in our lives.

Whiskey Wedge

Sometimes you just want a little nightcap and the Whiskey Wedge makes sure to give you a perfect one ever single time. It freezes water in a wedge shape (hence the name) to free up the other side for your whiskey. It won’t matter if he takes his whiskey chilled or room temp because the wedge is going to make sure he is able to enjoy many nightcaps for years to come.

To Buy: Corkcicle® Whiskey Wedge, $19.95 at JCrew

Outdoor Survival Crate

If your man is in love with the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with registering for the Outdoor Survival Crate. It is a goody bag of everything your hunky fella needs to survive while he’s out camping or hiking away. It comes with a LOT of goodies, but some of our favorites are beef jerky, a survival guide, a tool with interchangeable heads (pickaxe, hammer, hatchet heads) and paracord. So the next time he stumbles across MacGyver in a pickle, he can tell him not to worry, that he’ll take it from here.

To Buy: Outdoor Survival Crate, $109.99 at Man Crates

Trunk Club

Women have been trying to get their men to dress better for the ages, only for them to end up with a pair of socks for their anniversary, birthday or Christmas. Nope, that has to stop now. We recommend purchasing a stylist in a box from the Trunk Club. The Trunk Club is a service where a stylist compiles clothing for your man, who then selects what he wants and ships the rest back with 10 days. It makes shopping seamless and he won’t be struggling trying to figure out if these shoes go with this shirt.

To Buy: Trunk Club, price varies per trunk

Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

There are some men who swear up and down that it is only appropriate to watch a sporting event on a large TV. Well, we think you should be the mvp in your hubby’s life and register for a Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. It has smart features enabled and comes in a multitude of sizes, even up to 75″, that your man is sure to be captivated during football season and beyond.

To Buy: Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV, prices start at $699.99 at Samsung.

We hope we’ve taken some of the stress and frustration from trying to figure out what to purchase the man in your life and convinced you from purchasing more socks.Registering for these gifts is as easy as one two three and you are going to be the family superstar when he opens up these gifts on your anniversary!

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graduation cash giftsAdvice for College Freshmen

We’re going to divert from our usual format and decide to give out some much-needed advice. If you are the parents to a college freshman, or are an incoming college freshman yourself, you may be filled with trepidation and uncertainty about what is right around the corner. Take it from us, it can be a stressful time and things may not go as planned, but if you remember some of these words of advice we’ve compiled from around the Internet, you will be able to make it.

Get a local bank account. It will be a pain waiting on mom and dad to send money or accumulating withdrawal fees from the ATMs in your town.

Bring more underwear than you thought possible. You will not be able to wash clothes as much as you think you are and at the very least, you should be able to have a clean pair of underwear on laundry day.

Speaking of laundry day. People will yank your clothes out the washer or dryer if you don’t get them out in a reasonable amount of time. Don’t be rude, and put your clothes in danger of thieves, by leaving them in the washer and dryer longer than necessary.

Meet people. Once you graduate people will talk about networking forever. Why not start now? You have four years to network, make them count.

Party hard but remember why you’re there. You will be stressed, so go out and have fun to blow off some steam. Yet be responsible and know when you should head home in order to make it to class.

Never sacrifice class for partying. If you skip class too much (Yes, some professors will take roll.) then you will have ample enough opportunity to party once you’re on academic suspension.

Get involved. Some of the people you meet will become friends for life. So, get involved, broaden your horizons and learn about and meet people from all walks of life.

Look out for yourself. You may be pressured to drink that extra drink, party a little longer or befriend a toxic person. Don’t. Now is the time to be responsible and learn that asserting yourself for your well-being is never wrong.

Accept change. You will change, that’s part of growing up. You will learn and grow at a rapid rate. Don’t be afraid to change your mind or try new things. College is not just for learning about subjects, it’s about learning and shaping who you are.

Use all the available resources. Yes, get those books, buy that computer, read everything, use free tutoring and talk to your professor. Need a little more resources, then refer back to our blog post on what incoming freshmen should purchase to give them a boost in school.

College is a big step in anyone’s life. It can be big, scary and intimidating if you don’t know what to do. However, if you look around, you will see that there are people willing to help you every step of the way. It will be difficult, especially when you are finding yourself I the midst of some upheaval, but you will come out a new person. Read this advice and memorize it, because it will help you through your freshman year and beyond.

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Cash Wedding Registry5 Forgotten Home Items for Wedding Registries

When you’re creating your Bowl of Cherries wedding cash registry, you will have an idea of the items you want to receive. This idea will shape which gifts you receive and enjoy long after you are man and wife. However, we have noticed quite a few items which are being disregarded on our free cash registry. Whereas most couples register for major household items, they tend to forget the smaller pieces which make a house a home. So, we’ve decided to give you a quick reminder on these home items which you shouldn’t neglect to add to your cash wedding registry. 

Shrubbery. Plants liven up the inside of a house and give it serious curb appeal on the outside. Add a variety to your registry (flowers, topiaries, houseplants, etc.) to ensure that you will have all your arboreal décor covered.

Paintings. What good is it to have four walls if they’re all bare? Liven up those walls by registering for paintings and other décor. Have a color scheme in mind with complimentary colors and begin your search from there.

Hurricane Lamps. Good lighting is crucial to set the mood and hurricanes are one of our favorite ways to add a bit of romance to an evening. Additionally, they are fabulous accessories for those couples who like to entertain. They can be pricey, so you should definitely have these on your wedding registry. They’re fabulous and worth the price. 

Lanterns and Lamps. You can’t leave it to hurricane lamps to set the right mood. The best lighting comes from a mixture of highlights and lowlights. So take your ambience into your own hands and register for floor lamps, table lamps, outdoor lanterns. Anything to give you the means to create a fabulous atmosphere in and outside the home.

Luggage. Good luggage is expensive which is why every couple should add it to their wedding registry.  Our hands-down favorite; hard-sided spinner luggage. We’ve had far too many brand-new luggage items broken and have been worn out dragging traditional luggage around in airports. This ends today. Kickoff your honeymoon with luggage that will get you from point A to point B in style and ease.

These five items are worth adding to your Bowl of Cherries wedding registry. They will be the proverbial cherry (See what we did there?) on top of your registry sundae. Sturdy luggage, lighting and greenery is forgotten far too many times, but having them on your registry will have you one step closer to having a home and not a house.

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numbers5 Back to School Items for Your Kindergartner

It’s unbelievable that a new school year is right around the corner. It seems like every year, time gets faster and faster, especially if you are the parent to a kindergartener. So, we decided to help you out with some must-have items for when your darling little one walks through the mighty halls of education for the first time.

A box of Kleenex. There will be tears, but whatever you do, save the box of tissues for your child’s classroom. We suggest bringing along some tissues for your own personal use. The waterworks will be turned on the moment the little one lets go of your hand and walks up to the teacher.

A Nap Mat. No, your child won’t use it. Yes, you wish you can reclaim all of those times you refused to nap in kindergarten. Regardless, you will have to purchase your child his or her own nap mat so he or she can not sleep on it as well.

A Change of Clothes. This is self-explanatory. Have you ever seen a kindergartner with impeccable motor skills who could eat and play while staying pristine? Yeah, we haven’t either. Send the kiddo off with a change of clothes and rest easy that you won’t have Pigpen running up to you in the pickup line.

A Big Box of Crayons. Speaking of motor skills, there will be plenty of coloring and writing to put your child on the path to penmanship. Let the kid go wild and create refrigerator masterpieces with seemingly endless color options.

A Backpack. It isn’t official until your freshly-minted kindergartener has a backpack to take to school. Anyway, does it get more adorable than seeing tiny little ones with their mini backpacks all heading to school?

This is only a small selection of items to get your child going on the first day of school. But fret not, we know how those items can hit your wallet hard. So, you can always set up a Bowl of Cherries back-to-school registry to complete the extensive and exhaustive list your child’s school will provide. Happy shopping!

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ring anniversaryWonderful Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

We have seen an uptick in happily married couples creating anniversary registries to celebrate their landmark anniversaries. Believe it or not, we have also seen one part of a couple secretly create a registry to surprise their other half with a phenomenal gift with the help of family and friends. However, we understand that a few of you may still be scratching your head trying to figure out what to purchase or place on that oh so special list. Today we’re focusing on wives, but don’t worry, you’ll have your day in the sun gentlemen.

1st Anniversary for the Modern Couple: Clocks

If your wife is in love with technology, you can’t go wrong with an Apple Watch. There are multiple bands for her activity level as well as the ne plus ultra of the luxury line. Keeping time has never been so stylish.

5th Anniversary for the Modern Couple: Silverware

The fifth anniversary is a tricky one since more and more couples are ditching formal flatware, but there are a few pretty pieces that will make a turkey sandwich look appealing and make every meal a five-star one. We’re loving the hammered look of Vera Wang’s silverware, but remember, it is best to choose what will look best with her personal preference.

10th Anniversary for the Modern Couple: Diamond Jewelry

Marilyn Monroe once sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Can you disagree? There are millions of places where you can purchase diamond jewelry, but we recommend that you visit one of the legitimate online purveyors (try Blue Nile) when you decide to upgrade her engagement ring. Colored diamonds, gemstones and halo settings are still going strong, so all you need to do is pull the trigger on a store and you’re good to go.

20th Anniversary for the Modern Couple: Platinum

You’ve made it to your 20th anniversary, we think that’s definitely worth toasting to. We recommend breaking out the bubbly and purchasing personalized platinum-banded toasting flutes. We likes the ones at Things Remembered, but you can find similar toasting flutes at every price point in many big box stores.

50th Anniversary for the Modern Couple: Gold

The kids are out the house and have their own careers, now you want to have some fun. It’s time you splurged and dropped a pretty penny on a gold, luxury car. Naturally, she has a preference, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a gold convertible that doesn’t turn any heads.

What say you gentlemen? Are these gifts worth splurging on for your loved one? We know they are and these gifts will take you from the first year to your 50th+ anniversary.

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