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Wedding Cash RegistryChoosing where to register for your wedding can be a challenge. There are so many shops, stores, and online outlets to choose from that the options are endless. That’s just one of the reasons why cash gift registries can be advantageous: cash can be used anywhere. Today’s cash gift wedding registries are much more than a donate button. Here are 10 great reasons to create a cash gift registry for your big day:

1. Personalization
An online cash gift registry has many interactive features that can be personalized by the couple. If you’re interested in sharing how you plan to use the cash gifts, you can create a wish list detailing purchases to be made. Some gift givers really like this feature, as it closely resembles a traditional wedding registry.

2. Versatility
Yes, cash is a very versatile gift. It can be used anywhere for anything. Use it on your honeymoon or furnish your new home. The best part is you don’t have to decide how you’ll use it right away.

3. What You Need
With cash, you can get exactly what you need. Traditional wedding gift registries limit you to what each store carries. If you can’t find everything you need at one place, you would need to make multiple registries, which can be confusing for guests and stressful for you.

4. Do More
The old expression “every penny counts” speaks volumes. Each cash gift, no matter how small, can add up quickly. Use your cash gift registry to afford a better honeymoon or an extra luxury.

5. Social Aspect
Cash gift registries have a social networking aspect, as online cash gift registries include a customizable wedding website featuring event details and photos.

6. Security
Unlike loose envelopes floating around your wedding venue, online cash gift registries add a level of protection for gift givers and recipients alike. Gift givers are not responsible for any fraudulent use of their cards, and recipients don’t have to worry about where the check or cash went. Gifts are direct deposited into the recipients designated bank account.

7. Convenience
Along with security comes the convenience of having gifts direct deposited. There are no checks to endorse or cash to keep clutched. Everything is done for you.

8. Rainy Day Resources
If you’ve got everything you need for your home, use a cash gift registry to start or add to your nest egg.

9. Dream Fund
Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a bathroom remodel, exotic vacation, or something in between. Your cash gift wedding registry can help you realize these dreams.

10. Stress-Free
The best part about creating a cash gift wedding registry is that it’s stress free. Once you set up your custom website and payment method, the rest is done for you.
With 10 great reasons to create a cash gift registry, why not get started now? It’s super easy and this how to video will show you exactly what you need to do.


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Free-Wedding-Cash-RegistryNo Fee Cash Registries Work for You

Cash registries are gaining popularity because of the flexibility it offers recipients. Sadly, if they choose the wrong registry, they may discover that they are losing a significant chunk of change to the registry or processors. We ask you, what is the point of opting to use a cash registry if your funds are going to get diverted to one, two or three businesses with interest in your registry?

There is no point, which is why you should do due diligence before settling on a cash registry for your milestones. I’m sure you’re wondering where YOUR money goes with certain cash registries. Well, they are primarily transaction fees. Some companies may charge you up to 10% in transaction fees. Then, if or when you decide to transfer funds to an account, you can get hit with tens of dollars (sometimes more) with the price increasing if you decide to do an international wire transfer.

Can you imagine the possibility of losing upwards of $100 of your money before you can even enjoy it? Of course not! We can’t comprehend that thought either. Fortunately, there are zero fee cash registries out there. Bowl of Cherries, of course, is one and we love to take care of our clients and watch their dreams come true and their available funds increase.

Cash registries that charge you 0% in fees are there to help your dreams come true and that’s it. Your guests are giving money to help you reach a goal; whether that is a down payment on a house, a honeymoon, your child’s first car or more. This is the gift the no fee cash registries focus on, not your profitability.

Some people may tell you that all cash registries charge to use their services, but we know for a fact, that they are mistaken. Do your research and discover that you can raise the money to reach your financial milestones without giving away a large part of your money.


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This Child is already saving for college

This Child is already saving for collegRegistering to Jumpstart Baby’s College Fund

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting, life-changing things you will ever experience. As you plan, prep and wait patiently for your precious bundle to arrive, you might start thinking farther into the future. Although most people use baby shower registries to stock up on infant necessities, there’s a new way to register that can help you prepare for long-term goals. A cash gift registry for your baby shower can provide a nice starting point for your baby’s savings account or college fund.

If you’ve already purchased the essentials for your baby, registering for cash to boost your child’s college fund is an excellent idea. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family and friends have traditionally purchased savings bonds, certificates of deposit, and similar financial gifts for newborns. What’s great about a cash gift registry for a baby shower is that all of the funds can be collected and put into a single, interest earning account that will earn more than, for example, an individual savings bond.

A cash gift registry is an easy way to tactfully request cash gifts from guests. Bowl of Cherries provides customizable websites for your registry and event, where you can share details about the baby shower, directions to the venue, photos from the party, and other information. If you have a specific savings plan you’d like to share the details of with friends and family, you can do so on your cash gift registry website. If you decide to opt-out of traditional baby registries all together, but still need to make a few purchases for the baby, you can set up a Wish List detailing what your cash gifts will be used to purchase.

What information you choose to share with others is completely up to you. In fact, deciding what to share and how to design your custom baby shower cash gift registry will be the most stressful part of the process (and the best part about that is it’s easy!). After your cash gift registry has been created, simply share with your family and friends. The cash gifts will be deposited directly into the account of your choosing. If you’ve already created an account for the baby, there will be absolutely nothing left for you to do but express your gratitude to the gift givers.

Creating a college fund for your little one is best started early, and there’s no better time to begin than now. You can continue to add to the college fund at every birthday and celebration with future cash gift registries. Loved ones will enjoy being a part of something bigger than a simple toy or a package of diapers. They say it takes a village to raise a child; let your village come together with a cash gift registry.

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Cash Wedding RegistryThe Dos and Don’ts of Registering for Gifts

Some big announcements in life come with an expectation of gifts (weddings, new babies, graduation and more). Even though it may seem like asking for gifts is as easy as one, two, three, far too many people make mistakes which prevent them from being happy with their registry. However, if they just follow our quick and easy do and don’t list, you’ll be more than thrilled with the outcome of your registry.


…Register ASAP – The minute you announce your milestone is the minute you should register. Why? Well, because people will start asking you where you are registered immediately. Now, you don’t need to finish your list immediately, yet we recommend having a few items on the list in order to let your eager friends and family spread the news.

…Know Your Registry’s Policy – Registries may have a customer-friendly policy or one that isn’t as friendly. You should know this BEFORE you register to save yourself a potential headache. On the flip side, there are some registries which give their couples a portion of the purchases. They function much like a rewards card and some couples have been known to receive an extra $100+ store credit after their event has ended.

…Mix Pricey with Affordable – Your guests will come from all financial situations, thus it is best to ensure that you register for gifts in a variety of price points. Besides, you will need dishtowels as much as you will need that beautiful KitchenAid mixer, so why not aim to have both?


…Register Everywhere – We understand that it is tempting to add items wherever a registry is available, but that is only going to hurt the process. Three registries offer a healthy mix of options (traditional, cash and fantasy items for example) and one is typically available for out-of-town guests.

…Forget to Inventory Your Items – Registries were originally intended to help a couple set up a home or give them the necessary items to welcome a new baby. However, more and more people already have the housewares required to have in a home. Yet, they won’t know this unless they do an inventory of their housewares. The one exception to adding something on the registry which you already own is if you are interesting in upgrading that piece. Otherwise, you risk running the option of receiving gifts which you already own.

…Don’t be Afraid to Go Non-Traditional – Society has many necessities in place long before they reach milestones, which has given rise to a different type of registry. There are now honeymoon registries, cash registries, dream registries and more. Couples who opt to use this type of registry typically have everything they need or want funds to help them reach a new financial goal. When that happens, they go for broke and intend to use their list to help them enjoy everything life has to offer.

Landmark events in your life should be heralded and your loved ones will want to lavish presents on you. Naturally, you should allow them, but remember that you should maximize your registry to make it work for you. Just follow these easy dos and don’ts and you will be able to get everything you wanted and more. Congratulations!


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 The Best Retirement Gifts

If you’re attending or throwing a retirement party, you might be stressing over the perfect gift. A recent retiree is at the end of their career and hopefully settling into a life of leisure, but after years of career success your loved one may not have found any time for hobbies or extra interests along the way. That doesn’t mean the perfect gift is elusive! Here are a few guidelines to follow for the best retirement gift:

1. Is It Useful?
The best retirement gift (or any gift, really) is one that the recipient will actually use. Usefulness can have a very narrow or broad definition, depending on the gift. Think of what the retiree has planned in the near future, then adapt your gift giving strategy to match those goals.

2. Is It Simple?
The last thing a recent retiree wants is a massive, detailed project. It’s best to keep retirement gifts easy to use and enjoy. Retirement should be all about relaxation. Aim to keep the gifts as hassle-free as possible.

3. Is It Universal?
This goes hand and hand with usefulness and simplicity, but a retirement gift should also be universal in that it can be used almost anywhere. Many retirees use their newly freed up schedule to travel, and gifts that are not portable and packable often go unused.

4. Would You Enjoy Receiving It?
This gift-giving principle should apply for any occasion, but it’s worth reminding gift givers about anyway. If you wouldn’t enjoy or appreciate receiving a gift, you shouldn’t give it.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Does such a gift exist?” or “How will I meet all of the guidelines?” The answer to those questions is simpler than you think. Cash gift registries can be set up for retirees and retirement parties. When you think about it, giving a recent retiree cash is the perfect gift. They can use the cash for anything they want or need as they settle into this new chapter of their life.

Bowl of Cherries is a cash gift registry service for any occasion, offering customizable websites for your event to complement the cash gift registry. As the host or retiree, you can set up a cash gift registry that deposits gifts directly to the recipient’s bank account. Your individual website can be personalized to include a small biography of the retiree, directions to the celebration, plans for retirement, a wish list, photos, and more. This interactive approach to gift giving takes the stress and anxiety out of choosing the perfect gift. It’s easy for gift givers and receivers alike, and a cash gift is perfect for retirees. After all, who wouldn’t want to kick off their retirement with a little extra mad money?

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