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Christmas WeddingChristmas Décor for a Winter Wedding

Are you having a winter wedding and puzzled about your décor plans? You must be wondering just how much of Christmas feel should be brought in to your winter wedding without losing the purity and fervor of the solemn ceremony. Here are some ideas for your wedding that will enhance the joy of the season without the cliché.

White Christmas

The red and green color scheme seems a little old. Why not spice it up (or snow it up) and use white with silver and add a bit of sparkle with a sprinkling of crystals? This way, you can still bring Christmas cheer to your wedding, without overtly referencing red and green.

Follow the Star

Borrow from the Christmas story to add to your wedding décor. You can follow your own star, by walking down a starry aisle to meet your groom at the altar. Stars of all sizes and colors are available this time of year, so you will have no trouble deciding which ones will accompany you down the aisle to meet the love of your life. Not to mention that stars will add a heavenly element as well as a sublime grace to your Christmas wedding.

Boughs of Flowers

Everyone loves poinsettias, Christmas roses and holly, but to add that special pop to your holiday décor ideas, try white hydrangeas, lilies and lilacs. Those colors will look nothing but elegant when paired with silver and gold. However, don’t forget about roses and mistletoe which will always look good in a bride’s holiday bouquet.

Icing on the Cake, Literally

What’s a wedding without the wedding cake? If you think simplicity is elegance, you’re sure to love a white cake dusted with silver where the only decoration is a cascading red and green ribbon. Yet, if you’re like some of us out there, you go all out for Christmas and your cake will be no different. We love what others have dubbed the “Christmas Candle” look. It is a cake with a band of silver glitter on each layer, topped with sparklers for candles. It’s a definite statement cake and made for those couples who love to stand out. 

Unforgettable Christmas Tree

Is it Christmas without a tree? The good news is, you won’t need to look far if you want to involve Christmas trees at your wedding. We think you should put a tree to good use by eschewing the gift table and having guests place their gifts under your tree. You can also use that same tree to help guests find their seats. We even know of one couple who had their guests’ names and seating assignments written on ornaments which they could then take home. Needless to say, it was a big hit and they had a keepsake they could use for years to come.

A Christmas wedding can be just as fabulous as any other wedding. You even have an added bonus of being surrounded by décor to use on your big day. Yet, the most important feature is to have fun planning your winter wedding and adding those bells and whistles. Have fun planning and have a very merry Christmas!

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wedding-dress-20162016 Wedding Dress Trends

Brides with 2016 weddings have already started searching for the perfect dress. Long short, revealing or modest? These are the questions they ask themselves when wearing the most important piece of fashion of their entire lives. So, we’ve decided to make your decision a bit easier (or possibly harder) by highlighting the looks we’ll be seeing on brides next year.

Bridal Trend 1: Bridal Suit

Dresses of all lengths have been rulling the aisles for as long as we can remember….until now. Several bridal designers showcased wedding suits in their collections. Fortunately, they came in a multitude of silhouettes, so if this trend has your heart, have no fear, there is a bridal suit out there for you!

As seen on Carolina Herrera & Theia’s runways.

Bridal Trend 2: Lovely Layers

You may register layers with cooler weather, but not this trend. Although layers isn’t the newest trend here, the 2016 layered effects have evolved from their initial look. Strategic layering is all the rage and the princess overlay is where it’s at next year. It manages to add drama without heft and did we mention that it is unapologetically beautiful?

As seen on Monique Lhuillier and Rivini’s runways.

Bridal Trend 3: Everything’s Blooming

Romance is afoot and what is more romantic than a blushing bride wearing her bouquet? Well, a floral explosion has happened in wedding fashion which will rival all but the best gardens. Next year’s brides will be wearing dresses covered in beautiful blossoms and riveting roses; some of which will be hand painted right onto their dresses. We imagine some bees will be a bit confused discerning real from fake come next spring.

As seen on Houghton and Naeem Khan’s runways.

Bridal Trend 4: Victorian Twist

One of the greatest romances the world has ever seen was between Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. So it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest trends off the runways this year were wedding dresses which paid homage to the Victorian era. The necklines are high, the sleeves are lacy and the look is modern demure. Take it in because this style will be the last time both your mom and your husband are going to be pleased as punch in the same room.

As seen on Oleg Cassini and Lela Rose’s runways.

It may be too early to make this statement, but we’re going to say it anyway, 2016 may be the most interesting year in bridal fashion ever. It seems like no style or out of bounds for designers and whether you want to look like a flower waiting to be picked, live out a Victorian dream, layer yourself in love or be a showstopper in a suit, there’s nothing holding you back. We can’t wait to see the rest of what’s to come!

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honeymoon carFour Finds under $50 for Your Wedding Registry

We brought you luxe wedding items to add to your registry the other day, so we decided to bring you four fabulous finds under $50 today. And remember, when you find something you like, go ahead and add it to your Bowl of Cherries free cash registry!

Towels. We fell in love with the towels at Crate and Barrel and we think you will too. In a world where towels can cost upwards of $60, the company’s brand is a breath of fresh air…and light on the wallet as well. $3.95 and up at Crate and Barrel.

Dailyware Wine Glasses. A house is not a home without a set of wine glasses, but you shouldn’t have to go broke in the process. We love these stemless wine glasses we found on a nighttime trip to pick up some candles…and left the store with candles and wine glasses in hand. $9.99 for the set at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Marquee Lights. Take monogramming to a new level with marquee lights. We love how the lights looked on our friends’ walls, but we balked at the price when we went to purchase them for our house. Not anymore. We are soon to be the proud parents of a set of lights we can call our own. $32 per light at Nordstrom.

Travel Charging Kit. We have so many gadgets with us, it’s hard to keep things straight. Add in the stress when we have one charger and our devices are all hovering at around 3% and it’s enough to make you go crazy. That’s why we want the travel charging kit. You can charge three devices at once, so your life won’t need to slow down when your devices do. $29.99 at the Sharper Image.

The best wedding registries have a mix of high and low products. Yet, we think everything on this list is high quality at bargain prices. So, now that you’re done reading this, you can add ALL four of these pieces to your Bowl Registry and be sure to give us a heads up on some of your favorite registry items.


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Love scrabble ring5 Luxe Gifts for Your Wedding Registry

Ohhhhh, wedding season will be upon us again quickly. So, for us that means a lot of new wedding registries being created every day here at Bowl of Cherries. We see items added that only cost anywhere from a few dollars to bank-breaking honeymoons. So, in keeping with the spirit of our new registries here at Bowl, we’ve decided to create our own fantasy five registry, luxe edition. 

Frette Sheets. We spend a large amount of our lives sleeping, so shouldn’t we spend that time in style and comfort? Frette sheets are must-haves among the international jet set because of Frette’s durability, softness and refined aesthetic. Prices vary at Frette.

Scandia Down Celano Throw. There is nothing better than snuggling up on your couch for movie night in a cashmere and wool throw. Scandia Down makes some of the most beautiful and luxurious throws on the market and their Celano one doesn’t disappoint. Your Netflix dates are going to become a lot more fashionable. $425 at Scandia Down.

Agent Provocateur Silk Pajamas. Agent Provocateur may be synonymous with luxury lingerie, but we’ve always been in love with their elegant silk pajamas. They’re sexy for the husband and respectable for the in-laws. Bottoms start at $200, tops start at $450 at Agent Provocateur.

Hermes Tie. Make sure he leaves the house in tip top fashion with a tie from Hermes. Their distinctive prints couples with the fashion house’s prized workmanship,

(hand-folded, hello!) makes them a highly coveted accessory for men on the move. $175 at Bluefly.

Scanpan® CSX 12 Piece Cookware. You need durable cookware in your home that also loks good. After all, what’s the point if it only looks good in the cabinet? Start off with the Scanpan® set and rest assured it will look just as beautiful on your first anniversary as it will on your 50th. $999.95 at Sur la table.

Now, we know there are many more luxury items on the market for us to choose from, but this is just the beginning. These luxury items are sure to bring a smile on our faces while simultaneously performing their functions beautifully. Now excuse us while we go crack open our piggy banks.

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Love candy kisses3 Stationery Brands We Love

Although an increasing number of couples are electing to send out email invitations to their weddings, we still think that there is nothing which could compete with a beautifully decorated or interesting physical wedding invitation. If you’re in this camp, and let’s be honest, grandma and grandpa probably aren’t using the Internet as much as you would like, then this post is for you. Today we’ve decided to highlight three stationery companies which are putting out elegant, trendy and interesting wedding invitations which are sure to be a hit when they arrive in the mail. 

Crane & Co.

When you want an elegant and classy touch, look no further than Crane & Co. These invitations are when your guest list tops 300, is a white-tie affair complete with sit-down, seven-course dinner. Or more specifically, if you’re having a wedding that rivals the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s affair a few years back. Our pick? The engraved Embassy Fairfax wedding invitation.

Wedding Paper Divas

You’re probably already familiar with this company, but we still want to give them a bit of recognition. They exploded onto the scene not too long ago (or that’s what it feels like) and became known for their fun, high-quality wedding invitations. Today they’re constantly pushing the envelope and have some of the best and most innovative designs on the market. Speaking of which, we’ve fallen in love with one of the biggest wedding invitation trends, laser cut invites, and think that their Willow Canopy invitations are beautiful.

Ceci New York

You can pull out all of the stops with the Ceci New York wedding invitations. You’re playing in the big leagues when you order these couture invitations. Their client list reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, Broadway and high society, so you can be sure that you will make an impression with these amazing invitations. We fell in love with their New York series, specifically their Central Park invitation. It’s great for a destination or for those couples who love the Big Apple.

Aren’t these invitations absolutely amazing!? We find it hard to believe that some people believe emailed wedding invitations can come close to even matching the beauty and elegance of what these stationers are able to create. Whether you want timeless elegance, today’s trends or the celebrity touch, we guarantee you that these companies will give you something your guests will be talking about for a long time.

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