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Every now and then, a wedding designer comes along that catches our eye. Today, that person is Israeli designer Elihav Sasson. Elihav Sasson’s wedding dresses are intricate, yet never overwrought with design elements. This brand manages to make us swoon and we know these dresses will appear on all brides’ to be wishlists.

When Mr. Sasson isn’t creating amazing wedding dresses, he whips together similarly intricate, yet always elegant evening gowns. So, if you love his wedding dresses, you will be able to dress your bridesmaids in equally amazing gowns to create the most stylish bridal party the world has ever seen.

So, now that we have the bridesmaid situation settled, let’s focus our attention back to you, the bride. So, you’ve found that Sasson wedding dress of your dreams, but the price is a tad bit out of your finances. Don’t despair, start a wedding wishlist. If you’ve been reading our blog long enough, you will know that wedding wishlists are very popular these days. Couples have been receiving everything from down payments for their first home to an all-expenses paid honeymoon through their wishlists.

So, why not let your dream dress happen? Although a longer wedding timeline is ideal for a wedding dress wishlist, you can boost your chances of having your dream gown with a simple tweak. The unspoken rule of not placing registry information on wedding invitations works out well for brides placing wedding dresses on their wishlists. The rule is that brides should post their registry and wishlist information on their wedding website. Thus, the sooner you place your nuptial dreams online for all too see, the closer you will be to becoming the best-dressed bride on the planet.

So, get started on your wedding website and be sure to include your wedding wishlist on there. Then, send us a pic of you wearing your beautiful new Elihav Sasson wedding dress. We can’t wait to see them; we know you’ll look fabulous!

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Baby Cash Registry

Babies, babies, babies are everywhere! Last year was for lovers and, naturally, this year is for babies. The baby boom has ushered in a lot of friends and family into planning baby showers. It’s no secret that we love babies here and we have definitely hosted our fair share of shower duties for expectant parents (Yes, baby showers have gone co-ed!). Yet, we have learned that before all the fancy decorations are planned there are a few crucial steps to undertake to coordinate a baby shower.

Plan the Date with the Expecting Parents

Sometimes people forget that baby showers include the parents. Thus the first step in forging a successful shower is to ask the parents which date is best for them. Although showers are typically given during the third trimester, it is appropriate to have them any time after the first semester and even once the baby is born. Whichever trimester you choose though, make sure that the parents and important family and friends don’t have scheduling conflicts.

Write the Guest List

Planning a baby shower’s guest list is very similar to planning a wedding’s guest list. Ask the parents who must absolutely be given an invitation to the shower and the maximum number of guests they want. Then craft a list around their number and the maximum number of guests. Only then can you move on to the next step.

Craft the Budget

Well, now that you have an idea of the date and the guest list, you can start shaping the shower. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Anyway, the budget will affect everything from food, the venue, the guests and entertainment. Knowing what the parents want, plus the budget will ensure that you are able to give them the baby shower they’ve always wanted.

Select the Venue

Many showers are held at the host’s house. It saves money and is easy for the parents to be comfortable. Yet, if the budget allows it, more and more hosts are opting to leave their homes for restaurants, hotels and even conservatories. Those are great options for hosts not interested in the cleanup duties required after the shower and many venues offer packages to take the hassle out of scheduling food, decorations and other items necessary for hosting a shower.

Babies are a blessing and helping new parents give their most precious gift a start on life and a break from the hustle and bustle of preparation is worth it in every aspect. You owe it to them and the little one to have a great foundation in place to give them an amazing baby shower.


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fundraiserOnline fundraisers have catapulted into the public consciousness in recent years. These fundraisers have allowed numerous people from all parts of the world to help change people’s lives. These fundraisers have launched successful businesses, sent couples on their fantasy honeymoons, helped pay for medical bills and sadly, helped support a widow or widower who suddenly lost their spouse and had to support children.

These fundraisers have become so popular that many people are deciding to not go to a bank for a loan, but to simply crowd course help. However, not all online fundraisers are successful. Therefore we have created a quick tips list to help your future fundraisers get on track and be seen.

Fundraising Tip #1: Have a Compelling Story

Two types of stories make people want to open their wallets, a human element and an innovative element. If you are raising funds to help someone’s needs be met or dreams come true, then show his or her humanity. Humanity always resonates with people and presenting an honest portrait of a person will always win over a glamorized and airbrushed version of them. If you are crowdsourcing your next business venture, show them why the world needs your product or services and demonstrate that you have already placed the foundation to begin the product. Ideas are great, but people want to make sure that you are serious about seeing this business become a reality with their donation. Have a business name, EIN number and anything else to help you sell your product and garner interest.

Fundraising Tip #2: Have a Safe & Secure Fundraising Platform

Hackers strike everywhere on a daily basis and websites devoted to raising funds will always spark the interest of hackers everywhere. A secure website that is devoted to keeping its members sensitive information safe is gold. Also make sure that the hosting site is reliable as well. Hackers have been known to set up dummy sites to lure unsuspecting people into raising funds with them. Then after a certain amount of time, they take the money and disappear. Know who you are raising money with so no one gets taken.

Fundraising Tip #3: Spread the Word

One of the reasons fundraising via the Internet is so popular now is that its reach is limitless. However, people can only donate to a cause if they hear about it. This is the time to use social media and word of mouth to get the story out and grab people. Twitter, Facebook, even Pinterest can help a fundraiser go from ho-hum to exceptional. The Internet has no boundaries, so you can receive help throughout the world if you make your presence known. Don’t be shy! Get out there and share, pin and tweet to give your fundraiser the best possibility of reaching its financial goal.

People want to help others and want to see people reach their business goals. This is why online fundraising has exploded in recent years. Holding true to the above tips will ensure that your online charity goals will be met and possibly exceeded.start button


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Wedding Cash RegistryValentine’s Day Wishlist

We’ve all heard the stories. A woman opens up a Valentine’s Day gift expecting to find a stunning present only to discover that the gift is anything but what they wanted. Then we’ve all known men who insisted that they didn’t want anything special done for the day only for them to become disappointed when their loved one gives them the gift of nothing for Valentine’s Day.

So readers, don’t be disappointed on the day meant for lovers, be proactive! You can search the web for endless articles on how to drop the perfect hint to your loved one to secure the gift your heart really desires. Isn’t that crazy? Why drop hints when you can tell them exactly what you want to unwrap on that day? The direct approach is the best approach for making your wants and needs known which is why we think that creating a Valentine’s wishlist is the perfect route for many couples today.

Wishlists have become more commonplace than ever before. Now you can create shopping wishlists, honeymoon wishlists and more. So, we decided that instead of asking for items for Valentine’s Day, to just take the guesswork out of others’ hands and place it firmly in yours. Here you can easily set up a wishlist to make your Vday dreams come true. Our favorite part of the whole thing is that you know that you will be able to get exactly what you were hoping for from Cupid.

Believe us, you’re going to make Cupid one happy little cherub because you are one less person he has to worry about. The poor little guy isn’t a mind reader even though we expect him to be all of that and more. So fellow love birds and dear readers, let’s help Cupid and our sweethearts out by letting them know exactly what we want for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy, it’s fun and we promise you will like what you receive.


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Valentines-Day-Gift-TrendsGreat Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Hello there procrastinators! We know that there are at least three occasions a year (a birthday, Valentine’s Day and Christmas/Hanukkah) when you find yourself in the same situation. T-minus 12 hours from the day and you still haven’t purchased anything for the loved ones in your life. Well, you’re in luck because we have experience with last-minute gifts and presents and we can guarantee that any present you select on this list will make your loved one’s heart flutter.

Wine Never Fails

Yes, read the title, wine is rarely turned down as a gift. One thing that we love about the vino today is that you can find good wines and all price points in all locations. We have purchased wonderful wines from grocery stores all the way up to specialty wine shops. If you know your beloved one’s tastes you can purchase from a grocery store. If you need a bit of guidance, then go for a wine store which has knowledgeable staff to help you make the best selection.

Let’s Go to the Movies

Yes, the movies may not seem like the most imaginative choice on the list but hear us out. The only thing better than a movie to a movie buff is gifting them with a free movie. Nowadays, nearly every movie theatre offers gift cards or you can purchase a movie subscription for as low as $125 for three months. If this doesn’t put a smile on your loved one’s face, we don’t know what will.

Give the Gift of Feelings

We’re inundated with ads telling us that we have to buy something to give, but we rarely see ads about creating something from the heart. That’s because you can’t purchase your heart, but you can put it on paper. There is nothing that surpasses a hand written love poem. If you’re worried about your writing skills, don’t worry, because you can ask a friend or hire a professional writer to help you put your feelings down on paper.

The Classic Breakfast in Bed

There is a subtle art to pulling off breakfast in bed. You will master it. The key is to not do the usual breakfast in bed and go for the upgraded breakfast. Pull out all the stops. Have coffee, juice, (mimosa is optional) and French toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage or anything else you know your honey loves. Grab some linens, a bud vase and a beautiful flower and you will end up filling up your honey’s belly and heart.

So, did we come through for you or did we come through? Now pick out your present and make it happen. You only have a few more hours left until the most romantic day of the year. Now, go forth and make tomorrow one of the most heartfelt days of the year between you two lovebirds!

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