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Wedding season is in full effect and we decided to give ourselves a break from wedding season and have a little bit of fun. Now, you can imagine that we’ve been to a large number of weddings and lived and breathes wedding trends. So we decided to write a little fun fact sheet about weddings. We hope you enjoy it!

What is the top wedding destination in the world? Las Vegas of course! The city sees more weddings than any other destination in the world!

Your flower girls are more important than you think. In ancient times, they threw flowers in front of the bride to lead her to a sweeter life.

Brides that love the colored dress trend in some countries steer clear of yellow when choosing their gowns. It implies cheating and jealousy. Two issues that will definitely doom a marriage.

We love this one. Ducks have lifelong partners so Korean grooms will have a happily married friend make two wooden ducks to place inside the new couple’s house. The meaning is that the couple will stay together forever like ducks.

If you can’t have ducks….Try having 1,001 origami cranes present at your wedding. The Japanese believe they bring good luck. Ask your guests to start folding ahead of your nuptials.

Ouch, talk about hurt feelings. The most ineligible woman in a Jewish family found a groom. So, the guests crown the bride’s mother with a wreath and celebrate around her. It’s seen as an accomplishment of sorts that the mother was able to find a groom willing to marry the “most ineligible” bride.

First yellow, now green. Scotland may have beautiful, lush, natural greenery, but Scottish brides don’t dare wear green on their wedding day. It’s considered a color for fairies and revenge. The superstition even boils down to the menu. So, good luck finding broccoli at a Scottish wedding.

This is Sparta! Grooms and groomsmen heading out to celebrate their bachelor parties have the ancient Spartans to thank for that tradition. Back then, all Spartan men were in the military and engaged Spartan men viewed an impending marriage as a celebration fit for a soldier. The men celebrated in the same way as they would going to war.

Did you participate in any fun traditions at your wedding? We have seen a lot and we are always excited to see more. Who would have ever known that we have Sparta to thank for the modern-day bachelor party? But these fun facts aren’t all there is to it. Visit Random Facts to learn more about interesting wedding traditions the world over.


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Dog fundraiserOur Favorite Feel Good Stories 

Our favorite part about charities and fundraisers is the ability to transform a bleak situation into something hopeful and fresh. Now, charitable giving is nothing new, but now we can see where our money is going and who it impacts almost immediately. Ever since fundraising has gone digital, we’ve been able to watch the impact a singular story can have on a community. What follows are a few of the stories that touched our hearts and brought a few tears of joy to our eyes. Read on and keep a box of tissues nearby.

Dog Gets New Lease on Life

Meagan Penman, a Canadian, model was walking on one of Thailand’s picturesque beaches when she came across a horrible sight. A poor little stray dog was dragging his hind end across the sand. He was paralyzed and unable to use his hind end. The sight struck her so much, she just jumped into action and set up an online account to get the dog the proper care he needed. Thousands of dollars later, a new country, a new owner and a new set of wheels later, Leo is living the good life in Ontario, Canada. Plus, he can run now, so there’s no stopping him!

James Robertson No Longer Needs to Walk to Work

In this day and age, we are inundated with stories of people content to do less. It is far too easy to not expend energy to do anything, which is why the next man’s story made people stand up and cheer (and open their wallets along the way). James Robertson walked 42 miles to work in Detroit; a city where he had every reason to not work. Instead he showed up every day, on time and never complained. That’s when the Internet decided to do something about it. Now, he has a car and his bank account is flush with $300,000+. It’s safe to say that he will never need to walk to work again.

Chick-Fil-A Workers Give a Helping Hand

Hard work rarely goes unnoticed, especially when someone has pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. This is the case with a Raleigh, VA, single mom, who managed to take her family from homelessness to an apartment. The mom, Sheree Carter, worked at Chick-Fil-A and moved into an apartment around the Christmas holidays. It was then that he coworkers struck. They surprised Ms. Carter with a fully, furnished apartment, right down to the dishwasher and cutlery. Needless to say, Ms. Carter was eternally grateful and the Chick-Fil-A family is now a little bit stronger because of it.

We all have the spirit of charity within us which is why feel good stories resonate so deeply with us all. Sometimes all it takes is a dollar or two to change a person’s situation. It may seem like a little, but when a community comes together to make things happen, a trickle soon turns into a waterfall. Let’s pass the feel good spirit along and make a difference today!




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Babies are about to be appearing everywhere which means this is baby shower season. We love baby showers because they bring together the loved ones who were there from the beginning to welcome a new addition into the family. At the end of the day though, it’s a party with amazing food and fun games. Here are a few fun games we’ve played recently and hope you have just as much fun as we did!

Safety Pin Guess. A long time ago, one of our staffers won a very large jar of pennies from her school’s carnival for correctly guessing the number of pennies in a jar. This is the exact same concept this guessing game is modeled on. Get a large jar of safety pins and have the shower’s attendees guess the number of pins in there. The one who comes closest wins a prize.

Name that Baby. We love this game because it can help moms and dads get some extra help naming their baby. Guests place their first and middle name suggestions for a boy or a girl in a jar. The mother-to-be (or the father) then reads each name out and chooses their favorite one. Who knows, the name may make an appearance again when the little one arrives.

Baby Trivia Game. A good trivia game never goes out of style which is why we are recommending this game with a l’enfant twist. Compile a list of baby trivia, such as how much milk does a newborn drink in a day, and let your guests have at it. You may be surprised to discover exactly how competitive some of your friends are.

Don’t Say Baby. Yes, it seems like an impossible feat. You can’t say baby at a baby shower. How barbaric! This game is played by pinning 2-3 clothespins on someone to begin. If the person is caught saying the word baby, then he or she loses a pin and the other person gains a pin. The winner is the last woman (or man) with the most clothespins attached to their clothes.

Now, are you excited to play some games at these upcoming showers? The best part about these games is that everyone has a blast playing them. We know that everyone attending the shower will have a fabulous time and the new baby will be welcomed into a family and social circle full of love.

Want some more ideas? Visit The Bump for an amazing list of games to play at baby showers.


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Marathon-Running sm

It has never been easier to make an impact on the lives of other than it has been this year. Now we have people donating on the go and communities rallying behind ideas large and small. This has enabled interesting fundraising trends that likes of which we have never seen before. Read on to discover 2015’s future of fundraising.

Go Mobile

Most people access the internet and their social media accounts from their mobile devices. So, we knew it was only a matter of time before charities and fundraisers got with the times and made it easier than ever to give back from the palm of your hand. There are apps, PayPal buttons, mobile optimization and more to help anyone who wants to give someone a helping hand the ability to make it happen.

People want to Know Where their Dollars are Going

Sadly, there have been scammers out there since the beginning of time and some of the most successful scams target others’ good hearts. This has caused many to be vigilant about where they put their money; even large organizations have felt the pinch from people who discover that only a small part of their donation went to the cause and the rest went to paying for the glitzy fundraiser the organization hosted. This need for knowing how their money directly impacts a cause has allowed many fundraising websites to thrive because people are able to track every last dollar of their donation.

Wonder Women

We always knew women were powerhouses, it just took history to catch up with us. Now, women are surpassing all other groups as the main ones making big changes in the world. Women comprise more than 60% of donations to various causes and that figure is expected to grow. It has been attributed to women’s increased financial stability and independence. We know what we want and aren’t afraid to show it with our purses.

Double Trouble: Donate and Volunteer

It wasn’t too long ago that people either volunteered their time or opened their checkbooks. It was rare for people to do both. Now, that train of thought is long gone. More and more people are volunteering and donating their time and money to shape their charitable giving in the present and the future.

The Era of the Big Idea

The old saying, “Go big or go home” is extremely timely for giving in 2015. Volunteers, donators, philanthropists have all been moved by the bigger idea in giving. That idea pushed the draw of the ice bucket challenge to new heights and saw people from all backgrounds donate and participate in that cause. It is that idea to be part of something bigger and a large idea which pulls people in to a cause and makes them devote their time and money to realizing a part of that infectious cause. Now, scientists have discovered a groundbreaking scientific discovery with ALS. No doubt a part of that discovery was credited to the money raised by a fundraiser as simple as ice, water and a bucket.

As you know, we believe in making a difference and know that these five trends are only the beginning. We all know someone who has donated via a mobile app and who has spent a few days to months a year putting their blood, sweat and tears into a cause. This is how we will help change the world one strong woman, one strong man and one big idea at a time.


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honeymoontrend24 Honeymoon Trends for 2015

We know that honeymoons are here to stay. However, the traditional honeymoon has given way to so much more than a one week cruise or a trip to the Eiffel Tower. Newlyweds have been demanding more from their honeymoons that the usual cookie-cutter trips and the market responded splendidly. The market has ushered in 2015 with a bang and these honeymoon trends have already started to take hold with couples planning their love escapes.

Two in One Honeymoon

Some destinations are so close that they can’t be ignored. Paris and London, Vienna and Florence, Spain and Morocco are just a few of the destinations that newlyweds have been visiting in the same trip. We say, why not? Transportation within Europe, Africa and Asia are highly affordable and honeymooners have taken notice. Now they’re able to pack two (and sometimes three) countries into one trip without exhausting their travel funds.

Be Adventurous

Adventure is the name of the game for some couples and their enthusiasm for excitement has caused adventure honeymoons to be one of the biggest trends in 2015. Why sip mimosas on the beach when you could zip line through the Amazon Rainforest, go whitewater rafting down the Grand Canyon or head to Transylvania to visit Bran Castle (Dracula’s home).

Off the Beaten Path

Now more and more couples are looking for a unique adventure. Why go to Istanbul when you can visit Cesme? Who cares about Sardinia when you know that Montenegro is the place to explore? The entire vacation industry has a subset of people just waiting to go somewhere different or do something different. Our pick though is one of Abercrombie and Kent’s Land Rover Adventures.

Foodie Heaven

Some couples have a love for Anthony Bourdain and all of his Travel Channel shows and we tend to agree. There is nothing more romantic than trying exotic flavors, indulging in luxurious meals, or enjoying the scent of fresh baked bread while walking down cobblestone streets. The rise of foodie travel shows has inspired a new generation to plan their honeymoons around culinary explorations. The best part is that these couples come back with a few extra pounds and big smiles.

Weddings and honeymoons are all about the couples involved. This is why we love that there is no “proper” way to honeymoon. These trends are different from one another which show us exactly just how varied today’s couples are in their interests. To that we say well-done and let us know where you’ll be honeymooning this year.Create Website





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