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Receiving Cash Gifts through a Wedding Registry

Today’s couples are marrying at an older age and many already live together before being married. Therefore, fewer and fewer couples need houseware necessities to turn a house into a home. This has caused many couples to search for a tasteful way to ask for cash gifts in lieu of the traditional registry items.

Before, couples were uncertain how to tell guests their true registry needs, but with the advent of honeymoon registries and tasteful phrases to steer guests towards those preferred gifts, more and more couples and their guests are feeling comfortable about asking for cash. If you are part of a pair that intends to ask for cash only, include the lines, “No gifts please,” “We love any gifts you give us, but we are really trying to purchase our first home.” By giving guests a goal you are meeting or a subtle way to tell them what you really need (which is the real purpose of a registry), it allows them to an elegant option to give a cash gift to the newlyweds.

However, even though cash gifts are quickly becoming mainstream, tradition still dictates in certain areas, namely spreading the word. Many guests still cling to tradition that the registry is spread through word of mouth. Yet, with the Internet and guests living in far flung reaches of the globe, that tradition is beginning to fade quickly. This is because now, couples are creating wedding websites and include registry information on the site. Thus, saving couples time and creating a great informative site for all guests attending the wedding.start button


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Graduation Cash Registry
Graduation Cash Registry

With the average student loan debt holding steady at $29,400, it’s safe to say most students are not adequately prepared for the cost of college. Whether it’s a high school or college graduation celebration, a cash gift registry is a great way to help a recent graduate ease the financial burden of furthering their education. Here are a few of the major college costs and how a cash gift registry can make a difference:

Perhaps the biggest college expense is tuition. The average cost of tuition is contingent on several factors. A student attending a private school can expect to pay an average of $30,094 per year on tuition alone. Students attending public universities in their home state have a much lower average cost of $8,893 per year, but if the student attends a public university that’s located in another state the projected tuition is $22,203. At any rate, tuition is a huge cost for students, and every cash gift can help students make their tuition payments less cumbersome.

Room & Board
In addition to tuition expenses, students need to pay for housing and food allowance or meal plans. On average,students pay between $9-10K per year for room & board expenses.

This expense comes as a surprise to many parents who spent their child’s life planning and saving for college, but most students need a lot of pricey gadgets to get through college. From a new laptop to a printer that needs regular ink refilling, the amount of money a student spends on technology is staggering. A laptop alone can cost over $1,000, which is more than most high school or college students have in the bank.

Books & Supplies
Yearly book and supply expenses average $1,200 for college students.

In addition to all the other costs of college, most universities require students to participate in the university healthcare program. It’s an expense that surprises most students at around $1,000 a year.

This cost is open to interpretation. Some students will use their “experience” fund for museum visits and studying abroad, others will use discretionary funds for pizza and coffee. Regardless of what the student chooses, a $4 latte or a $5,000 summer study abroad, the costs add up.

Helping a recent graduate avoid student loan and credit card debt by providing them with a solid financial foundation is the best gift you can give. It makes the process of attending college a less stressful one for all parties involved.

For students interested in starting a graduation cash gift registry, Bowl of Cherries makes it super simple. You can see an example of a Bowl of Cherries graduation cash gift registry here. Students can create a personalized website that tells friends and family about their financial goals by itemizing necessities on a wish list. In addition to the actual cash gift registry, students can include event details for graduation day or a graduation party, photos of graduation day, and a guestbook where friends and family can leave warm wishes and sage advice. A Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry is the interactive and visually appealing alternative to simply asking for cash, which can be a little awkward. Use a cash gift registry to keep guests in the loop and tastefully request cash gifts.



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Cash Registry Christmas
Cash Registry for Christmas

The holiday season is here which means that the hustle and bustle of finding gifts and fighting crowds are upon us. How often will you find someone who genuinely enjoys hanging out at Black Friday lines to score the perfect gifts for their loved ones? Thankfully, people have been discovering that there is an easier way to ask for give Christmas and other holiday gifts? We aren’t talking about layaway, but cash gift registries.

Before, cash gift registries were reserved for weddings and baby showers, but gift-giving and registries today have evolved into something completely new. People are now deviating from the traditional and electing to go for the modern. That’s right, cash gift wish lists have been discovering a larger fan base than ever before.

Christmas cash registries have become quite popular because many questionnaires have shown that people prefer receiving cash or cash equivalents (like gift cards, prepaid credit cards, etc.) gifts for the holidays. Cash registries allow the stress of finding someone the perfect present to be replaced by serenity knowing that the receiver will always know exactly what they want to receive for the holidays. Think about it, how many people do you know have ever re-gifted a cash present? Exactly, no one! This is why cash registries are ideal holiday presents. You don’t have to worry about anyone being dismayed with your gift or receiving a gift that you don’t want as well. So, happy holidays and don’t forget to sign up for a cash registry or discover if your loved ones have signed up for a registry of their own.


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Baby Cash Registry
Cash Registries for Baby Showers

Cash gift registries have risen in popularity for weddings, but there are so many other uses for cash registries. One of those uses is to celebrate a new addition to the family. Baby showers bring families together to help a couple prepare for life after the baby arrives, and one thing every parent knows is that children are expensive. Babies need so many things like cribs, clothes, and diapers to name a few. In fact, the average cost of a baby’s first year is over $10,000! That’s a lot of money for something so tiny and new.

Here are a few ways a cash registry can help you prepare for a new baby:

1. Big Ticket Items
Although many expectant parents register for the big ticket items like cribs, car seats, and strollers, these items often go unpurchased by family and friends. The average cost is just too high for the typical baby shower guest. Instead of asking for a $500 crib, guests can gift smaller amounts to your cash gift registry and each little gift can add up to a huge help with big purchases.

2. Unexpected Expenses
While that luxury hooded bath towel is undoubtedly adorable, it won’t help a new family facing unexpected expenses like a larger than life hospital bill or the necessity for take-out while sleep deprived and caring for a newborn. Even the best budgeter will have a few financial surprises in a baby’s first year.

3. Stress Relievers
Let’s face it: having some extra cash will always lift a little weight from your shoulders. With all the new responsibilities parenthood brings, one of the best gifts you can give new parents is peace of mind. New parents can use extra cash for special baby items or a nice night off.

4. College Fund
It’s never too early to start saving for your child’s education. A cash gift registry makes it easy for new parents to give their child a head start in the savings department, and it’s something that guests would love to be a part of.

5. Daycare Expenses
The average cost of daycare in the United States is $972 a month. That’s a pretty big cost to add to the budget. Cash gifts can help offset the cost of daycare, making the adjustment to parenthood a less financially drastic one.

Cash is easily one of the most appreciated gifts new parents receive, but it’s up to expectant parents to share their request with guests. Just like a traditional baby shower registry, Bowl of Cherries allows you to create a cash gift registry for guests to see. You can include a list of things you’ll use the cash gifts for, or you can share a simple story about building your nest egg with friends and family.

Bowl of Cherries baby registries are fun and interactive. You can easily share your wish list with guests, which is a nice way to show gift givers what you’ll be using the cash gifts to finance. You can also share event detailsphotos, and have friends and family write in your guestbook.

Beyond requesting cash gifts, a Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry is a great way to keep friends and family in the loop with your plans and progress. Another great benefit of a Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry is its ease of use for the recipient. Once you set up your cash gift registry, Bowl of Cherries does the work for you. Any cash gifts you receive will be automatically deposited into your bank account, and all you need to do is thank your generous gift givers.Let



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What Makes Fall The Most Romantic Season?

Every season has something unique that sets it apart from the others. Winter boasts a new year, spring flaunts flowers, and summer shares its sun with everyone. But between the crisp, bright mornings and cozy traditions, there’s something magical about fall that makes it more special than the other seasons: romance.

Autumn bursts with nostalgia of school days, anticipation, and promise. With every changing leaf, we get feverishly close to the holiday season and to the end of another year. Fall is a season we experience with all of our senses. We see the leaves turn into a beautiful palette of red, orange, yellow, and brown, and we hear the leaves crunching under our warm boots. We taste fall’s favorite flavors like pumpkin, brown sugar, and hot chocolate, and we smell firewood burning from our neighbors’ chimneys.

Out of the five senses, perhaps the sense we use the most to experience fall is touch. Fall is such a cozy, warm season spent wrapped up in soft sweaters, wooly blankets, and warm embraces. The very essence of fall is romantic. It’s a season that brings people together.

Romantic fall activities can be simple, but these pastimes are some of our most precious moments such as holding hands, sipping warm drinks, cuddling by a fire, and strolling along a tree lined street. Fall provides the perfect backdrop for dreamy dates and sentimental moments that you’ll cherish all year round.

Fall is also a perfect time to have or plan a wedding. Those who get married in the fall only enhance their own nostalgic, romantic idea of the coziest season. If you haven’t set a date for the big day, fall will put you in the mood to get started.

With plenty of cool, sunny days to spare, fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get active before winter’s cold, dark days keep many of us indoors. Embrace the warm afternoons and indulge in a brisk morning walk with a travel mug in tow.


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