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The Trendiest Wedding Foods of 2014

Let’s face it, we all love to eat, especially around the holidays. The holidays, plus the year ending has caused us to ponder what a few of the trendiest wedding foods for the year. Although a few favorites were still holding steady, macarons anyone, there are a few new inductees to the culinary hall of fame.
Macaroon Tree

More and more couples are deciding to forego a traditional wedding cake in lieu of something a little more fun and sweet. This idea has recently led innumerable couples to crafting their own unique wedding cake created out of macarons. It seems like macarons were everywhere this year and there wasn’t a party, baby shower or wedding reception that we attended which did not feature this delicious confection.

Farm to Table

Another trend which has been sweeping the culinary world at large is the farm to table movement. People want the freshest and healthiest foods possible. This movement has caused a large number of restaurants to support local farms. In turn, this support has enabled restaurants to offer some of the freshest, locally-sourced foods in recent history.

Welcoming the Family

We knew we were on to a trend when we attended a few weddings and holiday parties and noticed that place settings were conspicuously absent and everyone was sitting down to break bread together. This trend has guests seated around the food and serving themselves everything, much like one would at Sunday dinner. This style fosters camaraderie among guests and has been a big hit at the events we have attended this year.


Brunch is beginning to be a big deal throughout the nation. Brunch was once seen as a small event which only a privileged few attended, but that is not the case anymore. Now, brunch has hit it big and not just in the big cities. Perhaps one of the best ways to view this trend is by looking at the number of wedding brunches which occur the day after the wedding. Anyway, we always need an excuse to indulge in a few mimosas!

These are but a few of the biggest trends to have hit the foodie scene recently. Although we have noticed that there are quite a few others which are beginning to make the rounds. Since we know it is impossible to name them all, we need to ask you for a little help. Tell us which culinary trends are your favorite ones in the comments below and we will be eternally grateful for your help!

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Great Graduation Gifts

Your loved one is getting launched into the real world and it is time to get them a big-person gift. Here are a few of our favorite graduation presents for the freshly-minted adult in your life.

Moleskin Notebook

Moleskin notebooks are elegant and appropriate for every aspect of life. Give your grad the leg up into the corporate world by gifting a beautiful moleskin notebook. There are endless options and colors out there, which allows you to personalize the notebook and make it that much more special.

Bar Starter Kit

Your grad is a grown-up now, let them entertain like one. Bar starter kits are a fabulous gift for grads because it allows them to begin crafting their ultimate adult beverage bar. A cocktail strainer, a cocktail shaker, some glasses and some other accoutrements can start their bar. Know what type of adult drinks your grad likes and when all else fails a bottle of scotch or a great bottle of wine will never fail you.

Nice Carryon Bag

Your grad will be criss-crossing the country in no time, so why not purchase a bag which will stand up for the long haul? Airlines are charging for every little service and bag fees are earning airlines astronomical fees. Then, include the possibility of the airlines losing luggage before a big meeting and the future of flying looks grim indeed. However, your grad can be the star and go from tarmac to board meeting with a stylish bag which looks amazing in the air and in the workplace.

Bullhorn Speaker

What better way to help your grad celebrate his/her induction into the real world than by giving them the means to have a killer party? We can’t stop drooling over the Bullhorn Speaker we found over at It takes any iPhone sound projection and increases it significantly. This handy little silicone device fits anywhere which means that your grad can always be the life of the party wherever his or her travels go.

First things first, congratulations, you have new graduates in the family! Don’t you think that these gifts are perfect for welcoming them in into the working world at large? We love these presents because they are practical as well as fun. Between us, we think that your gift is going to be the best one they have ever received!


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engagment ring
Purchasing an Engagement Ring Online

This may be the best time in all of history to purchase an engagement ring. Now there are a variety of options to reduce the cost of an engagement ring as well as innumerable ways to customize those rings. These methods are wonderful for people who are interested in trying different settings, different cuts and different stones without needing to enter a store.

There are two major players in the world of online engagement ring shopping, Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth. We love going to these sites because they have a large amount of stones in various, shapes, cuts and colors. The same can also be said for their wedding and engagement bands which lets a person customize to their heart’s desire.

We love online engagement ring shopping because it offers buyers an opportunity for more expansive options and knowledge. Many of the more reputable companies offer a financing option to help couples purchase the ring of their dreams. Their purchasing guides and additional information about ring styles and trends helps couples narrow down their favorite rings according to what works best for what they want.

However, even if you already purchased a stunning engagement ring, your journey is not over. Many online retailers offer their readers and customers a variety of information to help them make the most of their purchase.

Another benefit of these online jewelry stores is that their resources are vast, therefore if you don’t see an item on their site, there is someone who can help make it happen for you. They are the masters at sourcing diamonds and other stones from all over the world. All one needs to do is tell them what quality of stone and/or setting you would like and they will find a way to procure it for you.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are very much in favor of buying engagement rings online PROVIDED they are from a reputable retailer. Many retailers, like the ones we mentioned above, offer their customers a wealth of information and choices to assist them with making the biggest and most beautiful decision of your life.


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Three Great Tech Gifts for Christmas

The holidays are here and Christmas is right around the corner. Now, with the shopping season in full swing, it is time you started planning out what you are going to purchase for your friends and family. Technology powers the world in both our personal and business lives which is why tech items remain one of the hottest-selling gifts this season. Here are three of the biggest items people are going to find under their trees.

Cell Phone Covers

The last quarter of 2014 had Apple introducing their new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ as well as had Samsung introducing their Galaxy Note 4. Those three phones alone had people all over the world waiting in lines to snatch them up. Naturally, it isn’t enough to just have a phone; people want to protect them and highlight their creativity. Since people collect and change phone covers like they do a pair of shoes we are firm believers that cell phone covers make great gifts.


Smart Watches

Remember how Inspector Gadget had a smartwatch which allowed him to do everything from his wrist? Well, we can all be Inspector Gadget now because tech companies have released smartwatches in full force this year. Now, you can perform many of the same functions that a phone can do; all with the flick of a wrist. These items are pretty new, so expect to be the star of the night when you give this gift away.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth technology is still holding strong in the market and it doesn’t look like it is about to slow down. Especially not with all of the holiday parties on everyone’s schedule during this time of year. So, why not help your loved ones keep the party going from any room in the house by gifting them with a Bluetooth speaker? Bluetooth speakers have surged in popularity among the party set. Who can blame them when the technology allows them to create a party wherever they go?

So, which one are you planning to purchase? Shh, you don’t have to tell us! We do know one thing however. When you give out these presents your friends and family will thank their lucky stars that they have you in their lives!

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Turn Your Thoughts into Christmas Cash at Bowl of Cherries
This holiday season, Bowl of Cherries is running a fabulous giveaway contest. A chance to win three prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250 in cash make entering this giveaway worth your time. If you’ve used Bowl of Cherries cash gift registries for an event, you’re eligible to win!

We’re looking for clients who have successfully used Bowl of Cherries cash gift registries in the past. If you’ve created an event, shared your Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry with guests, and reaped the financial benefits of a cash gift registry, we want to hear from you! Just share your story and experience with Bowl of Cherries for your chance to win Christmas cash.

Entering the contest is easy: simply follow the EventWire link below and post a review of your Bowl of Cherries experience. We’ll be judging the entries based on the reviews, so make sure you tell us your heartfelt story! We want to hear all about your event and how Bowl of Cherries helped you achieve your financial goal.

There will be three grand prize winners:
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Our grand prize winners will have their review stories featured on the front page of our brand new website.

Enter the contest here.

If you’ve never used EventWire before, it’s very user-friendly. Simply select the type of event you had from the drop down menu and select the date, then begin rating our Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry service. The comments and feedback section is where we’d like to see your story. Make it personal! Tell us all about how your friends and family responded to the Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry. Walk us through your experience creating a personalized Bowl of Cherries website for your event. Then, share with us how the contributions you received from your Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry made a difference in your life. Yes, that’s right: we want to hear all about that epic honeymoon massage or your nest egg’s big purchase.

We can’t wait to hear all about your positive experience with Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry. From all of us here at Bowl of Cherries, we wish you the happiest of holidays and good luck in our Bowl of Cherries Christmas Cash Giveaway!


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