2. Wish List

Create & Manage Your Wish List

Add any item to your Bowl of Cherries or choose items from a variety of pre-made lists for specific events.

  • Change the price of any item
  • Upload your own items and pictures
  • Choose items from our pre-made wish lists
  • Enter/change quantity
  • Hide or show items
  • Add or delete items at anytime
  • No limits... it's fun!

3. Add Guests

Invite as many guests as you want, just enter their name and email address.

  • Add/remove guests at any time
  • Store guest’s addresses and contact information
  • Create and manage table settings
  • Send invitations by email
  • Log into your account from anywhere, at anytime
RSVP Management

Guests are sent an invitation with a link to RSVP. The Manage Guest feature calculates and tracks number of guests who RSVP yes.


3. Receive Gifts

With Bowl of Cherries, money can be allocated towards a specific gift so that giving cash never feels inappropriate or unsafe. Bowl of Cherries Gift Registry accepts major credit cards, direct deposits, bank transfers, Google payments, checks, money orders and payments from locations worldwide, no matter the currency.

  • Get the gifts you truly want
  • Guests choose the gift they wish to contribute
  • Completely secure—no credit card information stored
  • Guests receive an email receipt
  • Never again spend hours returning unwanted gifts
How to

Do you want to create a registry for cash gifts but don't know how? Bowl of Cherries is a fun, free cash gift registry site that can have you on the way to creating your own personal website in just a few minutes.

Are you having a formal engagement party or hosting a garage sale fundraiser? No matter what type of event you are hosting, Bowl of Cherries allows you to plan, organize, and share details about the occasion through our custom cash gift registry.

Once you register, you will be given a personal website to share as much or as little about your event as you wish. Include directions for your guest, a photo album, an RSVP list, and much more.

1. Create and Customize Your Personal Cash Gift Registry+

Creating your cash registry through Bowl of Cherries is absolutely free, and takes only a few seconds to get started.

Once you have chosen your event name, type and subcategory (if desired), you are ready to start customizing your template!

At any time, you can change the template's color scheme, include your own images, create a banner, add text, or adjust the name of your event. Within minutes, you can have a professional looking event web site.

2. Edit Your Cash Gift Registry+

One of the most convenient features of Bowl of Cherries is the wish list.

Depending upon the type of event you selected, Bowl of Cherries will make suggestions for the items you may wish to include. It is easy to edit or remove these items and a snap to add more of your own choices.

On the "Manage Wish List” dashboard, you pick which items you would like to receive for your event.

Determine the dollar amount for the objects and the number of objects you hope to have. You can even rank gifts by those that are most needed or desired.

For example, many couples prefer that guests contribute to a honeymoon or down payment on a new home rather than give them tangible items. Couples expecting a baby may, more than anything, need a new vehicle to accompany their growing family.

A cash gift registry is an easy yet respectful way to request money for these specific gifts.

3. Share Event Cash Gift Registry with Guests+

When guests learn of a special occasion, the first question that comes to mind is usually what types of gifts they should purchase.

You can make it easy for them by providing a link to your online registry. This link can be shared through whatever means you choose. Create a fun and funky newsletter to send to your guests' email accounts. Integrate the link with your social media pages.

Arm close friends and family members with your Bowl of Cherries page details so that they can spread the word when others ask. Don't forget to remind guests that Bowl of Cherries is completely secure, so neither party has to worry about the safety of funds donated.

4. Track and Withdraw Your Cash Gifts+

When you sign up with Bowl of Cherries, you provide your personal contact information, and you will receive alerts to keep track of whenever a gift if received. Your dashboard also contains an easy-to-use gift progress bar, where you can choose to view the general amount received or select a more detailed view that shows you the gifts which have received the most contributions.

You may choose to withdraw cash gifts at your convenience. Within 72 hours of a request, you will receive a reloadable gift card so that you may purchase the items that you desire. You also have the option to use PayPal to receive your funds.

5. Send Thank You Notes+

Bowl of Cherries makes it easier than ever for you to send thank you notes. Gone are the days of slips of paper with the names of gift-givers and the items they have sent. These papers are often written in haste, sometimes with illegible handwriting and are often misplaced. Your personal dashboard keeps track of all gifts and offers you an easy-to-use database for sending thank you cards.

6. Help Your Guests Use Your Cash Gift Registry+

The cash registry for events offered through Bowl of Cherries is easy to use for you and your guests. If your guests have a direct link, they can simply click the link and begin browsing your registry website.

Otherwise, they can search for your registry using your last name. Guests can then choose the gift to which they wish to contribute. Their information is completely secure and no credit card information is stored in the system. This provides guests with the knowledge that they do not have to worry about the safety of giving monetary gifts online. Your guests then receive an emailed receipt acknowledging their contribution to your event.

Beyond the gift registry, guests can use your online space to RSVP for the event, find directions to the venue, view your photo gallery, or leave their own notes of congratulations. Your personal gift registry website is your chance to give guests all of the information they may need about your special occasion. You can update your event details as often as you like, giving guests more information as the occasion draws nearer.

Create a gift registry from your favorite store,
tastefully receive cash gifts, or both!