2. Wish List

Create & Manage Your Wish List

Add any item to your Bowl of Cherries or choose items from a variety of pre-made lists for specific events.

  • Change the price of any item
  • Upload your own items and pictures
  • Choose items from our pre-made wish lists
  • Enter/change quantity
  • Hide or show items
  • Add or delete items at anytime
  • No limits... it's fun!

3. Add Guests

Invite as many guests as you want, just enter their name and email address.

  • Add/remove guests at any time
  • Store guest’s addresses and contact information
  • Create and manage table settings
  • Send invitations by email
  • Log into your account from anywhere, at anytime
RSVP Management

Guests are sent an invitation with a link to RSVP. The Manage Guest feature calculates and tracks number of guests who RSVP yes.


3. Receive Gifts

With Bowl of Cherries, money can be allocated towards a specific gift so that giving cash never feels inappropriate or unsafe. Bowl of Cherries Gift Registry accepts major credit cards, direct deposits, bank transfers, Google payments, checks, money orders and payments from locations worldwide, no matter the currency.

  • Get the gifts you truly want
  • Guests choose the gift they wish to contribute
  • Completely secure—no credit card information stored
  • Guests receive an email receipt
  • Never again spend hours returning unwanted gifts
Give A Gift - Registry Listing
Member Name Event Title
Juliet Rose Our Home Fund
Sample Registry Our Honeymoon Fund
Baby Shower Nikki is having a baby!
London Lee
Anniversary Sample
Kate John
tim tee
tee trunk Kate's Graduation Fund
Kristen Bump Celebrate With Us!
test test1 test
Sunburst Superfoods Garden of Life Super Seed Fiber Powder
Bingo Shop Small Ping Pong Cage
Blaire Johnson Marcello Wedding
Amy Paprocki Jake and Amy's Honeymoon Registry
Lacie Winkler Helping Hands
Stephanie Mizener Celebrate with us!
Ramona Barruel Ramona's 100th Year
Linda guidry jerry and linda's wedding
Doug Brendel Doug's Graduation 2015
Bimmer Tech Map Update Code
Bram Ainc Camcarrier Food Pan Carrier, for 12" x 2
cheryl Vanase Cheryl's Wedding Shower
Heather Torres Tapia Baby Girl Torres Sprinkle Shower
Raul Gonzalez Our Wedding Registry
Mary Kelly Mary Vincent-Kelly's 80th Birthday Celebration
Jeremy Bikah Jeremy & Salma's Wedding Registry
amery lim Liliane's 1st Birthday
Georgina Negron Negron Honeymoon Fund
heidi blizzard
Charity Sample Chimp Haven
laura plenzik Frank and Laura's Wedding
Crossroads School
Kristin Ziska Baby J Ziska
Javonn Peaks Smith Smith Family Baby Shower
Kirby Drumm Kirby's Test Wedding
Shenoz Asha Baby Born
Shenoz Dheen Baby Shower
Kasia Olsza Kasia's b-day!
Cherry Bowl bocwepay
J Smith Test Account
Kenasha Paul Road To Esquire
abrar ashraf My Wedding
Jillian Hansen Sean and Jill's Wedding
Lorenzo Primiceri Lorenzo's 40th birthday gift
Qingyu Zheng Qingyu and Mingyang's wedding
Brittany Simon May 23, 2015 Wedding
Tina Lynam Welcome Home, Gujri!
Deborah Mitchell Honeymoon Trip
Grace A Cudjoe Cudjoe's Housewarming
anna green Monika's Birthday
Kioni Hall Hall/Jackson-Wilson Wedding Registry
Chris Gerber Chris' Graduation
Tim Aguayo Our Wedding Registry
Katie Edwards Katie's going all Nepalese
Julia E Seniours jullia seniours event
Rick Haywood Xmas wishlist
Wendy Wu Bryan and Wendy's Wedding Registry
Pete Haviland-Eduah Pete Travels the World!
Faye Broderick Faye's Wedding
kaan aksay garaj satışı
kobo naty Daily Deals Dubai
Nicole Blais Tony and Nicole's Wedding
Daniel Connell Delali & Daniel's Wedding Registry
Esmoke Club esmokeclub
Deborah Jones Deborah & Rodd's Wedding
Jessica sbarra Warholic wedding
William Brooks V William's 2nd Birthday
Stephanie Stokes Stokes-Baker Wedding
Michelle Marshall Michelle's Baby Shower
deledda correa Housewarming
Dylan Kellam Dylan's College Graduation
Deva Kellam Deva Kellam Graduation
Dylan Kellam Dylan Kellam Graduation
Rebekka Goodman
Savannah Khanna Khanna Kilde Wedding
Julie Barrett
shenoz1 test1 Babyy
Shailee Johnson Goodbye High School.. Hello Culinary School
trish gaudern Wedding
Tamame Todd Tamame Bridal Shower
Brittany Wilber Britt's Christmas and Birthday Wishlist
Thomas and Sarah Boyd Thomas and Sarahs Wedding
Nicole Mitchell Nicole's 37th
Dolores McIver If you want to give a money gift...
Anne Silva Send Anne to Africa
Jaemi Yoo Jaemi & Doug
Tracey Lott Tracey&Junhong Wedding
Rachel Simone Holiday Dance Classic
jessica davis jessicas first home
Megan Moschell Megan's Law School Graduation
Alex Lusherovich Alex's 30th Birthday Bash
Tiajame Bryce Tia's Baby Shower
William Sprague Lend a Helping Hand
Stephanie Anderson

Create a gift registry from your favorite store,
tastefully receive cash gifts, or both!